Kazuhisa UEKUSA
Kazuhisa UEKUSA is a Japanese comedian who has been performing mainly in Japan for over ten years. He has appeared on numerous Japanese TV comedy programs. He also has been featured in TV shows throughout the world such as STEVE on NBC, Giorgia's Got Talent, German's Got Talent after his web videos went viral all over the world. Finally, he went to the Britain’s Got Talent semi-final in 2018, after that, he could participate in France and Spain’s Got Talent.

He has web videos of himself lying naked on the floor with nothing but a silk cloth and a cup and saucer on top of his private parts. He does the trick by removing the cloth abruptly so that the cup and saucer stay in place.
He used an electric fan to whip the cloth off in one of his videos, which raked at least 49,000 retweets and 66,000 likes on Twitter. WesP also has performed at various comedy festival, including Busan International Comedy Festival in Korea, Yoshimoto Comedy and Music Festival in Indonesia.

TV Appearences

2015.1.1 TBS "Dream Touzai Neta Gassen" (Japan)
2016.5.21 NTV "Enta no Kamisama" (Japan)
2017.9.5 NBC "STEVE" (USA)
2017.10.21 RTL "DAS SUPER TALENT" (Germany)
2017.10.21 Rustavi 2 "Georgia's Got Talent" (Georgia)
1st Round
Semi Final
2018.4.14 Britain’s Got Talent, He gives us a strip show with a twist!
2018.5.30 Britain’s Got Talent, Semi-Final
2018.7.02 NTV  “Uchi No Gaya Ga Sumimasen” (Japan)
2018.9.02 NTV  School Kakumei (Japan)
2018 autumn France’s Got Talent (To be confirmed)
2018 autumn Spain’s Got Talent (To be confirmed)
..and much more Japanese TV shows

Stage Performances

2017.8.26 Busan International Comedy Festival (South Korea)
2017.12.30 Yohimoto Comedy and Music Festival (Indonesia)
..and much more stages in Japan

Web Articles

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